Interviewing: Professional Perspective

In October 2011, CNM’s Job Connection Services filmed interviews with employer representatives from a variety of local businesses.  These individuals volunteered their time to help CNM students and graduates understand what is important when interviewing for a job.  We now have the finished product and are very pleased with the quality.  We’re eager to share this with the CNM community and to invite you to take a look. If you want to know what employers are looking for in a strong candidate, you’ll find the answers here.

You can watch complete interviews for each individual here and/or click on links below for specific questions and answers.

Featured in this video:

Steven Martinez, Paychex, Inc.

Mark Leech, City of Albuquerque

Nancy Whitson, Presbyterian Health Services

John Oleson, Stainless Motors

James Lamoureux, CNM Culinary Arts

Here are answers to specific questions by all of the employer representatives.

Question 1
What is the first thing you notice about an interviewee?

Question 2
What attire is appropriate for an interview in your field?

Question 3
How important is it for the interviewee to research the company and/or the job?

Question 4
When you ask an interviewee, “Tell me about yourself, “what are you looking for?

Question 5
What type of questions from interviewees impress you?

Question 6
What type of questions are inappropriate?

Question 7
What advice would you give to someone interviewing for a job in your field?

Question 8
Any final thoughts?