Internship Fair: Local, Domestic, and International

Employers Want to Meet YOU!

Internship Fair: Local, Domestic, and International 2020

A comprehensive internship fair for students and graduates of all levels, including local, domestic, and international opportunities

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

12:00 noon - 2:00 p.m.

Main Campus

CNM Students from all academic disciplines are invited to meet with employers offering: 

  • Local Intern Opportunities
  • Domestic Intern Opportunities
  • International Intern Opportunities

Who Will Be Here: 

Please check back for participating employers

Arrive Early. Get a list of employers online. Plan your order of execution.

Internship Event Tips

  1. Develop a Game Plan. Visit your top choices first, but don’t forget to network with companies who sound interesting to you but don’t indicate work in your field. Many companies often hire for positions from all areas.     
  2. Empower Yourself. Job recruiters are looking for employees just like you. They have a need for hiring, that’s why they are at this event. Don’t be shy about introducing yourself and really highlighting your skills and interest.
  3. Start “Wowing!” You’ll only have a few minutes to “wow” a recruiter, so make it interesting, concise, and memorable.