Native American Task Team (NATT)

Native American Task Team (NATT) resources, Tribal Liaison services and information on upcoming events.

New Mexico’s rich Native American heritage is evident in the 20 Pueblos and the Apache and Navajo Nations located around the state and in other tribes represented in the Albuquerque area. The Native American Task Team (NATT) is comprised of advisors, an Outreach Specialist, and a Veterans Program Specialist with specialized knowledge for a special component of CNM's student body.

Tribal Liaisons Services

Team members, also known as Tribal Liaisons, strive to foster a friendly environment that encourages success and meets the academic needs of CNM’s Native American student population. With this goal in mind, Tribal Liaisons support students in making the best use of the many resources and opportunities at CNM and in the local community.

  • Advisement
  • Academic Planning
  • Career exploration
  • Referrals to resources that support student goals and needs
  • Referrals to tribal funding and other scholarships
  • Support Native American focused events