Orientation: Contacting Agencies

When You Find an Approved Agency

Ask questions by phone to see if your hours and skills match the agency’s needs

  • If it seems like a good match, set-up an interview, visit the agency and discuss your placement.

  • Provide the agency with a copy of your class syllabus so your objectives are clear.

  • Arrange date and time you may begin your Service Learning experience with the supervisor.

  • Begin a time sheet.

  • Be sure your service relates to your CNM class.

Ask the approved agency about:

  • Service Learning Location: office address and service location may differ.

  • Hours: Office hours & service hours may differ & agency’s required hours may differ from CNM requirement of 15 hours per term.

  • Parking: Where do I park when I get there? Is it free? Is it safe? Is it lit?

  • Bus services: If this is an option, is there a direct route?

  • Special requirements: Does the agency require fingerprinting, clothing, uniforms, shoes or TB testing?

  • Agency orientation for students. This time does NOT count toward the required CNM Service Learning hours!

What if ... ?

  • The designated agency contact person is no longer at the agency?
    Solution: Move on! Call or email other approved agencies.

  • Agencies aren’t calling you back or responding to your emails?
    Solution: Call or email every chosen agency every day. The first one to respond will win your good work!

  • The agency has all the Service Learning students they need?
    Solution: Again, move on! Call other agencies.

  • I can’t find an agency that works for me?
    Solution: Maybe reconsider the Service Learning option this term. Try again next term. If it's not an option, again, move on and keep calling other agencies.

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