Replacement Permits

Information about obtaining a replacement parking permit.

Update Your Vehicle Information

As a permit holder, you are responsible for updating your vehicle information with Parking Services. This includes any changes to your vehicle ownership or license plate information for any registered vehicles. Failure to do so may result in citations, impoundment of your vehicle and the loss of parking privileges on campus.

Failure to Display

Failure to properly display a current permit may result in parking citations and/or vehicle being towed at the owner's expense.

Report Lost or Stolen Permits

As a permit holder, you are responsible for the security of your parking permits.

If your parking permit is stolen or lost, you must report the incident within 48 hours to Parking Services at (505) 224-4637. Contact Security only to report a permit stolen while on campus. Permits stolen off campus should be reported to the police department in the jurisdiction of the theft.

Unreported stolen permits will be considered active, and if found on an unregistered vehicle, the vehicle will be impounded and a fine assessed at the permit holder's expense. As a permit holder, you will be responsible for all fines.

A stolen permit, once reported, will be placed on a stolen permit hot sheet. Parking Services personnel will be on the look out for the stolen permit around campuses.

Permit Replacement Fees

An administrative fee will be charged for replacement permits.

First replacement: $25

Second replacement: Must be approved by the Parking Services Manager. A $25 fee will be administered to the permit holder.

You will need to pay administrative fees in full at the Cashier's Office before a new permit will be issued.

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