Dual Credit Success Tips

Read the tips below on how to be a successful Dual Credit student.

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Tip 1: Check your CNM Email Regularly

  • It's important to check your CNM email regularly I'm sure you don't miss any important communication about your account or classes.
  • We recommend checking your email daily.
  • Visit the CNM home page and click on email in the top left corner. 

Tip 2: Communicate with Your Instructors

  • Attend your instructor's office hours.
  • Email your instructor with questions.
  • Reach out to your instructors if you have any questions or concerns. Instructors love to hear from students!

Tip 3: Log Into Your Class Regularly and Submit Assignments On Time

  • Logging into your classes regularly is important. If you were taking online classes, this is considered part of your attendance and participation.
  • It is recommended you log into your classes daily to see any announcements your instructor has made.

Tip 4: Schedule Time for Studying 

  • Plan on studying at least three hours per week for every credit hour you were taking. If you were taking one class there's three credit hours, that's nine hours of studying!
  • Create a study schedule.

Tip 5: Utilize CNM's Resources - CNM has many resources available to students to ensure academic success:

Submit a free online application. Be sure to select “Dual Credit” as your student type. You will receive a CNM student ID number after applying or one will be emailed to you.

Dual Credit Success Workshop

We held a Dual Credit Success Workshop to provide information to Dual Credit students and their families about how to be a successful Dual Credit student at CNM. Watch the video below to learn more about:

  • Online platform features
  • Time management
  • Study tips
  • Course planning
  • Course success
  • Tutoring services and library access