Edit and Submit Drafts

Edit new drafts or draft copies of published pages and submit for review by the Web Content Team.

As a contributor you can edit pages and submit them for review. When you make any changes to a page on CNM.edu, you will create a new draft page or make a draft copy of a published page.

Draft Pages

Your draft page will remain hidden from public view until you've submitted it to be published. This means that you can save changes to your draft and add to it later.

To edit a draft page, follow these steps:

  1. Select Edit from the side menu to continue editing your draft page.Screenshot of left navigation with the "Edit" button below the "Contents" button and above the "View" button.
  2. When you are done making edits to the page, click the Save button. You can make more edits later.

Published Pages

To edit a published page, follow these steps:

  1. Select State: Published, then Draft changes from the left-hand menu. This will create a draft copy of the page you wish to edit.
    Screenshot of the editing menu with the "State: Published" dropdown open and "draft changes" button selected.
  2. When you are done editing the page, click the Save button. 

Submit for Review

To submit a draft or draft copy of a published page for review, select State: Draft, then Submit for review from the left-hand menu.
Screenshot of the editing menu with the "State: Draft" dropdown open and "Submit for review" button selected.

After you submit your page for review, the Web Content Team receives an email to review and publish your submission. Someone from the team will review the draft to make sure it aligns with the Web Style Guide before publishing your updates.