Delete Pages

Delete a draft page, request a deletion, or undo your deletion request for published page.

As a contributor, you can delete a draft page, submit a published page for deletion, or undo a published page deletion request.

Delete a Draft Page

If you don't want to keep the draft page you created, you can delete it.

To delete a draft page, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the draft copy of the page. The URL of the draft will usually contain "copy_of_" and a warning message will appear with information about the draft copy.
  2. Select State: Draft, then Delete this draft from the left-hand menu.
    Screenshot of editing menu with "State: Draft" dropdown open and "Delete this draft" button selected.
  3. The system will ask a final time if you want to delete the item, with buttons to delete or cancel. Click Delete. Please note that deleting an item is permanent. 

Delete a Published Page

Since published pages are viewable by the public, there is an extra review process to avoid accidental deletions of published pages. You will only be able to submit a request to delete published pages, which will be sent to the Web Content Team to review and confirm. We will then confirm the deletion request with you and delete the page.

Submit a Deletion Request

To submit a published page on the website for deletion, go to the page and select State: Draft, then Submit for Deletion from the side menu.
Screenshot of the editing menu with the "State: Published" dropdown open and "Submit For Deletion" button selected.

The page will refresh and show State: Pending Deletion on the side menu.
State: Pending Deletion icon. 

Once the Web Content Team confirms the page deletion, it will be deleted.

Note: Deleted pages cannot be recovered.

Undo a Deletion Request

If you accidentally select Submit for Deletion on a page, you can undo this request by selecting State: Pending Deletion, then Undo Submit For Deletion from the side menu.
Screenshot of the editing menu with the "State: Pending Deletion" dropdown open and "Undo Submit For Deletion" button selected.

If you select Undo Submit For Deletion immediately after submitting your original page deletion request the Web Content Team may not contact you. If possible, do not wait for the Web Content Team to contact you about an accidental deletion. If you cannot undo your deletion request, please email the Web Content Team as soon as possible.