Create New Pages

Create new pages and include or hide it from the left navigation.

New Pages

To create a new page on, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the folder where you want to create a new page.
  2. Select Add new..., then Page from the side menu. Screenshot of left navigation with "Add new..." dropdown opened and the option "Page" selected
  3. Add content in the Title, Summary, and Text fields.
    • Title: Use this field to write a useful title for the page you create.
      • The title will show on the top of the page and as a link in the left navigation, unless it is set to be hidden from navigation.
      • The title that you create will appear as the title of the page in search engine results.
      • Please create titles that are both concise and specific.
    • Summary: Write a short one-sentence description of the page.
      • The summary will show up below the title of the page.
      • This content may be used for search engine results.
    • Text: Use this field to write and format your main content.
      • The text will show up below the title and summary and represent the main content of your page.
  4. When you are done click the Save button to save your draft page.

Screenshot of the add page window on the default tab. There are text boxes for the Title (required), Summary, Text, and Change note. The Save button is at the bottom left next to the Cancel button. 

Hide from Navigation

Not all pages are meant to be linked from the left navigation area. To hide a page from displaying as a link on the left navigation, follow these steps:

  1. Select Draft Changes from the side menu (or Edit if the page has never been published).
  2. Click on the Settings tab and check the 'Exclude from navigation' box.
    Screenshot of the Settings tab on the editing page with an unmarked check box labeled "Exclude from Navigation If selected, this item will not appear in the navigation tree."
  3. Click the Save button.
  4. If you're ready to publish the changes you made, select State: Draft, then Submit for review from the left-hand menu.

The Web Content Team will receive a notification to review your page before publishing it.