Edit Folders

You can rename, hide, publish, and choose a default page for your folders.

Rename a Folder

To rename a folder, follow these steps:


  1. Go to the main page of your website and select Contents from the side menu.
  2. Find your folder and click on the Action button (the gear icon.) Then, select Edit from the dropdown menu.
    Screenshot of the Contents of a folder with all the items in the folder listed. A folder is listed at the top with the checkbox marked, on the far right side of the table there is an Action dropdown button and the Edit option is selected for the check marked folder.
  3. Rename the folder in the Title field.

Short Name

If you wish to rename the Short name (the name that will be displayed in the URL), go to the Settings tab and update the name in the applicable field.

Hide a Folder

To hide the folder from appearing in the navigation tree, select Exclude from navigation, also found under the Settings tab.Screenshot of the Edit Folder page with the Settings tab open. There is an unchecked box labeled "Exclude from navigation" and a text box labeled "Short name (This name will be displayed in the URL.)" with "new-short-name" typed in.

Publish a Folder

Folders are private (unpublished) when first created, which means the public cannot view them. In order to make the folder viewable to the public, you need to publish it. 

Note: Publishing a folder does not publish pages contained in the folder. Pages need to be submitted for review individually.

To publish your folder, follow these steps:
  1. Go to your folder by opening it. The title of the folder will be at the top of the page. 
  2. Select State: Private from the side menu, and then select Publish.
    Screenshot of a Folder page with the editing menu open and the State: Private dropdown open with the option "Publish" selected.
After this is done, State: Private will change to State: Published.

Choose a Default Item for Your Folder

When a website visitor views a folder on your site, it is important to set one of the pages within the folder as the default item. This means that when someone views a folder, they will automatically got to one of the pages in the folder that you have assigned. 

*Please note: only set pages as default pages; do not set any other items as default pages.

To set an item as the default item, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to your folder, then select Contents from the side menu.
  2. Find the page that you want to set as the default item.
  3. Click the item's Action button (the gear icon) and select Set as default page from the menu.
    Screenshot of a Folder page with the contents listed. On a page that is listed, the Action dropdown button is opened and "Set as default page" is selected.

The item will now have an asterisk next to it. This means that it has been set as the default page.Screenshot of a Folder page with the contents listed. The page now has an asterisk at the beginning of the title of the page.