Upload Files

You can upload images and documents to your designated images and documents folders, then add the files to your pages.

To add files to your pages, you first need to upload them to your images or documents folders.

  • Photographs, logos, and other images go into your images folder.
  • Word documents, Excel sheets, PDFs, PowerPoints, and other text files go into your documents folder.

After uploading the files, use the insert/edit link or image buttons to add them to a page.

Upload File to a Folder

To upload a file, follow these steps:

  1. Select Contents from the side menu, then find and click on your documents folder. 
    Screenshot of a webpage with the editing menu open and the "Contents" button selected.
  2. Select Add new..., then File from the side menu.  
    Screenshot of the Plone editing menu with the "Add new..." dropdown opened and "File" selected.
  3. Click the Browse... button to find/select your file, Open to attach it, and Save to upload it. 
    The Title and Description fields are optional. 
    Screenshot of the Add File page with the Title and Description text boxes empty and the File section with the "Browse..." button highlighted as necessary to Save.

When you upload your file, it is automatically published and publicly available.