Delete Files

Learn how to delete files from your site.

Save Your Files

Deleting a file from the CNM website is not recoverable. If you need a copy, download the file before you delete it.

Deleting Files

To delete a file, follow these steps:

  1. Select Contents from the side menu, then find and click on your documents folder. 
  2. Click on the file that you want to delete.
  3. Open your file, ensuring that you have chosen the correct file. If you are viewing your file correctly in Plone, the filename will appear in large text with the name and format of the file underneath it. Screenshot of a file page with the title "2014-2015 Federal Methodology Chart" The file is linked underneath with a PDF symbol and name of the original file "2014-2015 Federal Methodology Chart 04-15-14.pdf" and it notes that the file is 9KB
  4. Select State: Published, then Delete.

    Screenshot of the text editor with the State:Published dropdown open and Delete is the first option.

    Note: If the file you attempt to delete is linked to other pages on the CNM site, the system will cite the pages that the file is referenced on. We strongly recommend going to these pages and removing the links before you delete the file. Otherwise, there will be pages with non-functioning links. 
     Screenshot of a pop-up titled "Do you really want to delete this item?" The box says, "Potential link breakage. By deleting this item, you will break links that exist in the items listed below. If this is indeed what you want to do, we recommend that you remove these references first. It has an Example File title and says "This File is referenced by the following items: "Example Webpage [Edit in new window]" and links to the page or editor page. Then asks "Would you like to delete it anyway?" You can choose to Delete or Cancel.
  5. Click the Delete button. 
    Screenshot of the delete confirmation box that says, "Do you really want to delete this item?" and "Would you like to delete it anyway?" with the file listed and Delete and Cancel buttons.