Learn how to upload, rename, replace, and delete files. Learn how to create links to them on a page.

As a contributor, you can:

Documents Folder

Your documents folder contains your files. If your website does not have a documents folder, please create one to store your files. 

File Types

To make your files easy to access, use the following file types:

  • .pdf - Adobe Acrobat PDF
  • .docx - Microsoft Word Document
  • .pptx - Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
  • .xlsx - Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

You are not restricted to these file types, but they are the types most commonly used on the CNM site. 

File Name Conventions

When you upload a file, it will have a unique URL. Make the URL name as easy to read as human-readable text. For example:

  • fall-registration-schedule.pdf
  • student-request-form.docx
  • new-student-orientation.pptx

Avoid dating files. We want to make sure visitors can access the latest document.


Keep your documents folder organized by following these tips:

  • Maintain a clean filename convention.
  • Remove duplicate file copies.
  • Remove outdated files, keeping only the most current one.