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Getting network access for an event or as a guest.

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Event Access

An event guest account will be issued as a temporary network account for CNM sponsored users (events):  Event guests may include vendors, conference attendees, lecturers, CNM sponsored program attendees, etc. 

The department sponsor is responsible for submitting an event guest account request.

  • Event guest accounts are valid for the duration of the event
  • the CNM sponsor provides the length of time event guests will require access.

Please use this form to request event access. Remember to request access 2 days prior to your event. Fax your request to 224-3014 to make sure it gets to the ITS  Service Desk in time for your event.

Guest Access

All CNM Guests are required to present a CNM Guest ID card to access CNM computer and  Library resources.

The ID card can be purchased for $25.00. Learn how to get a guest ID.