IS-2008 Equal Employment Opportunity (Procedure)

Human Resources

Release Date: 2/9/98
Revision 5: 6/26/02
Revision 6: 11/4/04


1. Advisement/Complaint


1.1 Contact a Human Resources Representative to report any discrimination, as defined in the CNM policy prohibiting acts of illegal discrimination.

Human Resources Representative

1.2 Discuss the alleged discrimination with the employee to determine whether the conduct in question appears to be an unlawful act of discrimination.  The employee is not required to reveal their identity or that of the alleged offender.  Confidentiality is maintained throughout the advisement process.

1.3 Explain possible options for resolving the situation including informal resolution, a formal CNM hearing, federal or state intervention, or civil action.  The advantages/disadvantages of each option are outlined and the procedures for appealing are presented in Section 2.

1.4 Prepare an incident report describing the basis of the complaint, the approximate dates of the behavior in question, the administrative units of the employees, the efforts of Human Resources, and the advisement outcome.  In the interest of maintaining confidentiality, the names of involved individuals will not be included in the report.  The incident report will be forwarded to CNM's EEO Officer for EEO compliance purposes.

2. Mediation/Investigation

Human Resources Representative (EEO Officer)

2.1 Assist the complainant in completing a written request (complainant form).  Submit the form within 180 calendar days of the last occurrence of an alleged act of illegal discrimination.

There is no set procedure for the EEO Officer or representative (Human Resources Representative) to follow in accomplishing mediation/investigation.  The course of action depends on the circumstances.  Confidentiality is preserved for all individuals involved in the complaint.

2.2 Mediate, with the complainant's consent, between the complainant and the respondent in an attempt to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution of the complaint.  If mediation is attempted, the EEO Officer will disclose the complainant's identity to the respondent.

2.3 Prepare a written agreement to be signed by both the complainant and the respondent, if the mediation is successful.

2.4 Prepare a confidential report describing the basis of the complaint, the approximate dates of the behavior(s) in question, the administrative location of both the complainant and the respondent and a detailed review of the mediation/investigation efforts and results.  The report is retained by the EEO Office or other appropriate legal or administrative action.



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