Section VII: Work Rules / Calendar

7.01 Work Rules

  1. Starting and ending times for a shift shall be designated by the dean, vice president or president. Lunch shall be one hour where appropriate.
  2. Employee Meetings. Instructors and other College personnel are required to attend all employee meetings called by the dean, vice president, president or other authorized person.
    1. It is recognized that there is an extra burden imposed on some part-time instructors when they are required to attend such meetings.
      1. Part-time instructors who are required to attend a meeting are eligible for compensation.
      2. Part-time instructors affected by this directive shall be notified of their required attendance at such a meeting at least one day prior to the meeting.

7.02 Attendance

An employee’s regular attendance on the job is important to the College’s operation. Frequent or unexplained absence from work or tardiness in reporting to work will seriously impair the value of the employee’s services to the College and will be sufficient cause for termination or other disciplinary action.

7.03 Calendar

A school calendar is adopted by the Governing Board each year after drafts have been circulated by the administration to employees and an opportunity has been provided to receive suggestions for revisions.

7.04 Modified Schedule

The College sometimes announces a special schedule due to weather conditions, emergency situations or other special circumstances. When this occurs, information about the modified schedule is provided to the news media and on CNM’s special telephone line, 224-4SNO, and on the CNM website.

  1. Abbreviated Day. When an abbreviated schedule is announced in the early morning, CNM opens and classes begin at l0:30 a.m. and the schedule continues as if it were a regular day.
    1. Instructional personnel are expected to arrive in time to perform their assigned duties. Other personnel whose workday begins before 10:30 a.m. are expected to arrive no later than 10:30 a.m. Personnel whose workday begins at l0:30 a.m. or later will report at the regularly scheduled time.
    2. If an employee is unable to report to work within the expected time, annual leave, personal leave or leave without pay will be used.
  2. College Closings. Extremely inclement weather or another emergency may on rare occasions cause the entire College, or a portion thereof, to close for a day or days.
  3. When an abbreviated day or closure is in effect, personnel whose positions involve essential services as designated by the respective vice president or designee shall report to work at the regularly scheduled time or as soon thereafter as possible. Compensation for essential employees for hours worked when the College is closed shall be at 1.5 times the regular rate. (Also see Section 5.02.C.11.)
  4. When an emergency mandates a modified schedule for a portion of the College, affected employees are placed in alternative work settings for the duration whenever possible.
  5. Employees whose office, building or campuses are not affected by a closure must maintain their regular work schedules.
  6. Full-time employees and part-time instructors are paid their regular wages when the College is closed; all other part-time employees are paid their regular wages for scheduled time when the College is closed; however, work-study employees are paid only for time worked.
  7. Approved leave of any kind, effective during a modified schedule, will not be adjusted.

7.05 Election Days

The College follows state law in allowing employees release time to vote on election days. The employee shall make scheduling arrangements with his or her supervisor.