Article 7: Coalition Rights

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Security Employees


The following rights shall be granted exclusively to the Coalition, and shall not be granted to any other labor organization.


The College shall provide the Coalition payroll deduction for membership dues for employees who authorize the deductions in the amount designated by the Coalition.  Membership dues cannot include any fines, donations, special assessments or any other payment other than the actual membership dues. The deductions shall be made provided the deduction request is submitted to the College's payroll office on a form authorized by the Coalition and the College. The deductions shall be made from employee paychecks for each pay period.  The authorizations may be submitted to the payroll office at any time, and deductions will commence on the following payday. The deductions shall be transmitted to the Coalition within a reasonable period of time following each pay date at which the deductions were made.  Employee authorizations shall be continuous and may be terminated at any time. The Coalition shall notify the Payroll Office of any change in the deduction amounts at least ten (10) days prior to the effective date of the new amount. The Coalition agrees to indemnify, defend, and render the College and Governing Board harmless for any action resulting from compliance with this provision. 


The amount for membership dues to be deducted from each employees wages will be certified in writing by the Coalition. In the event the amount of membership dues changes, the College shall implement such change within a reasonable time period.


Employee deductions may be terminated at any time by an employee contacting the Colleges payroll office and notifying the Coalition.


The College agrees to continue to allow the Coalition the right to use e-mail at the College and bulletin boards for the distribution and posting of Coalition information. Such information will be distributed and/or posted by Coalition representatives. For email communication utilizing the CNM email system the Coalition agrees to provide a copy in advance for approval or disapproval to the Marketing and Communication Office. Approval or disapproval shall normally be provided to the Union within 48 business hours after the Union submits the request. The College shall not unreasonably delay or unreasonably deny the Union's request. Email communication between a Coalition representative and an individual bargaining unit employee shall not be subject to review by MCO but shall be subject to all other provisions in this article. Nothing inflammatory, derogatory or disruptive to good labor-management relations shall be contained in the email, written documents, or materials to be distributed and/or posted or communications with any College student media. College resources shall not be used for any union activity including but not limited to political issues or a campaign for an individual candidate or an organization. In the event the College believes a violation of this provision has occurred it shall be brought to the attention of the Coalition President and the distribution/communication in question will be halted. Violations of this provision may be removed at the College's discretion.


A College approved bulletin board will be provided by the Coalition and installed by the College in a mutually agreed upon location. No information that is inflammatory, derogatory or disruptive to CNM in any way may be posted on the board.


Upon approval from the Vice President for the Finance and Operations Division, or designee, Coalition representatives who are members of the bargaining unit or members of the Coalition grievance committee may be released from duty to confer with College representatives regarding grievances or the administration of this Agreement. Such time off will be without pay unless otherwise agreed to by the parties. Such time shall not be considered time worked for the purpose of computing overtime.


Coalition officials and/or representatives who are not College employees or who are not members of the bargaining unit shall have the right to visit worksites for the purpose of conducting representational business provided the visit does not occur during the employee’s paid duty time. Prior notice and approval at least forty-eight (48) hours before the requested meeting must be submitted to and received from the Chief of Security. The visit shall not occur during the employee’s duty time but he/she may be allowed to take leave without pay for the meeting at the discretion of the Chief of Security or designee.


Local Coalition representatives who are CNM employees are eligible for extended leave without pay to conduct Coalition business. The Coalition Representative may choose to request annual leave or personal leave. Such leave may be approved if it does not present an undue hardship or expense to the College and subject to the following conditions:


Written notice must be submitted at least fourteen (14) calendar days in advance of the time of the requested leave.


The Coalition representative shall suffer no loss of seniority.


The Coalition representative shall be eligible to continue group benefits as contained in this Agreement, provided he/she pays both the employees and the Colleges portion of the premium cost.


Coalition representative shall be returned to the job vacated, or one of equal pay.


The Coalition or any employee may not solicit Coalition membership while the employees are on duty.


The Coalition shall be allowed to use meeting areas in College buildings at no cost to the Federation provided advanced scheduling has been made with the College and provided the meetings do not conflict with scheduled events or the Colleges facilities policy. Attendance at these meetings shall not occur during duty time.


The Coalition shall have the right to identify worksite representative for each College campus where bargaining unit employees are present. Within 30 days of the signing of this Agreement, the Coalition President shall notify in writing the College's Labor Relations Officer of the worksite representatives and changes within 10 days of when they occur. Within 10 days of the Coalition’s notice, the College shall recognize these representatives as Coalition leaders at the worksites. Anyone whose name does not appear on the notification to the College’s Labor Relations Officer shall not receive any recognition.


Worksite representatives shall conduct all Coalition business on non-duty time and shall not interfere with the duty time of other bargaining unit employees. If scheduling conflicts arise, the College shall permit worksite representatives to take leave without pay while on duty, to conduct Coalition business, provided it does not interfere with staffing requirements.   


To promote workplace efficiency and harmony worksite representatives shall have the right on non-duty time to bring to the attention of the worksite supervisors concerns over the administration of the Agreement and other concerns affecting the bargaining unit employees.


Upon written request, the College shall, at no cost to the Coalition, provide the Coalition with a listing of bargaining unit employees arranged according to hire date and shall include current salary information for each employee. However, the College shall not be required to provide this list of bargaining unit employees more than three times a year. This is the only information the College is required to provide to the Coalition.


The Coalition will be allowed to appoint one bargaining unit employee to serve on any committee that includes bargaining unit employees formed by the Department for the purpose of discussing or making decisions affecting the wages, hours or working conditions of bargaining unit employees.


Upon commencement of this Agreement, the College shall, at no cost to the Coalition, provide a copy of the current SOP in electronic format and upon request, whenever the SOP is changed.