Article 30: Reduction In Force

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Security Employees


The parties recognize there are circumstances under which it may be necessary to reduce the work force. The College has the authority to determine when such a reduction is to occur and what constitutes sufficient reason for a reduction in force. Such reasons include but are not limited to:


lack of funds;


program reduction;


enrollment fluctuations.


When the College determines that a reduction in force (RIF) is necessary, it will provide the Coalition with at least twenty (20) days written notice of the impending RIF. The notice shall include the reasons for the RIF, the affected employees and the expected date of the RIF.


Following the written notice set forth above, the Coalition may submit a request to meet with the College to discuss the RIF and propose possible alternatives to the RIF provided the Coalition requests the meeting in writing no later than five (5) days after receiving the notice of intent to RIF. The Coalition's request for a meeting shall be honored.


Employees will be laid off in reverse order of seniority within job titles affected. The College shall attempt to reassign affected employees to other positions for which the employee is fully qualified beginning with the most senior employee affected.


Employees on lay off status will be eligible for recall for one year. The College shall offer any position vacancy within the job classification from which the employee was laid off to the employee. Employees will be recalled in seniority order. Any employee who has not been recalled within one year of layoff shall be considered terminated.


The employee shall maintain a current address and phone number with the College. If a recalled employee does not report to work within five (5) days after notice by certified mail, sent by the College to the employees current address, the Colleges obligation to recall a laid-off employee shall cease.


If the employee is not recalled to employment within the twelve (12) month recall period, the employees employment relationship with the College shall be severed, and the Colleges obligation to provide any employment rights to the employee shall be terminated.


Laid off employees shall be eligible for insurance coverage in accordance with the provisions of Cobra.