Article 27: Employee Investigations

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Security Employees


The College reserves the right to investigate all allegations of employee misconduct.


An employee may be placed on administrative leave with pay during an investigation involving that employee.


During an employee investigation, no documentation related to the matter under investigation will be placed in the employees personnel file until the investigation is completed.


If charges are filed against an employee, the employee will be provided the opportunity to respond to the charges prior to the imposition of any disciplinary action at a pre-disciplinary meeting.


Employees in the bargaining unit will cooperate in all investigations conducted by, or on behalf of, CNM. Failure to cooperate may be the basis for disciplinary action or termination.


Prior to imposition of discipline other than a verbal or written warning, the employee will be advised of the charges against him/her and given an opportunity to respond. The response may be verbal or in writing.  The employee may be accompanied by a representative of their choosing when responding to charges contained in a pre-disciplinary meeting notice however the employee must speak for him/herself. The representative may present the employee’s side of the issue or assist the employee in doing so.