Article 20: Uniforms and Equipment

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Security Employees


The College will provide CNM-approved uniforms and CNM-approved footwear (black) to employees during the term of this Agreement. The College will also provide replacement uniforms and footwear (black) for CNM-issued items that are torn, damaged, or have otherwise exceeded their useful life, provided the unserviceable condition is the result of fair, wear, and tear that derived from activities, which took place while working. Only CNM approved uniforms and CNM approved footwear are authorized to be worn while on duty. Uniform attire will be paid for by CNM with up to $200 for footwear.


Employees who suffer a loss of personal property while fulfilling responsibilities during the scope of their employment shall be eligible for repair or replacement of such personal property in accordance with CNM policy. To be eligible for this benefit, employees must receive prior written approval to be in possession of the property in question, unless the personal items are commonly used, worn, or maintained by employees and are not otherwise prohibited. Typical items would be accessories such as glasses, sunglasses, and watches.


CNM shall maintain an accounting system to record the issuance of equipment, uniforms and boots. Employees who terminate employment with the College are required to return CNM issued equipment, uniforms, and boots as directed by the Chief of Security. Normal wear and tear and life expectancy of equipment and uniforms shall be taken into account. Employees who do not comply with this requirement will have the cost of such items deducted from their final paycheck.