Article 15: Personnel Files

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Security Employees


The College shall maintain an official personnel file for each employee. The file will be maintained in the Human Resources Department.


An employee shall be permitted to review and copy material contained in the employee’s official file.  An employee’s official file shall be available for inspection within a reasonable time after it has been requested. The employee shall be required to show proper identification. A designated representative of the Human Resources Department shall be present during the file review.


No anonymous or unsigned information may be placed in any employees official file. Incident reports made to the supervisor shall not be placed in the official file maintained by the Human Resources Department until such report has been investigated.


The employee has the right to be accompanied by any individual while examining ones official file.


An employee may designate a Coalition representative to have access to the employees official file as long as such designation is done in writing.


Except for routine file maintenance material, the College shall provide an employee a copy of any document prior to the placement of the document in the official file. The employee shall be asked to sign the document in order to verify that the employee has seen the document.


The College will honor reasonable requests for a copy of an accessible document in the official file for the employee. The employee may be required to assume a reasonable cost for the copies unless the copies are available in electronic format.


Any information or materials which are derogatory to an employees conduct, service, character or personality shall not be placed in an employees official file unless the employee has been given the opportunity to examine the information or material.


The employee has the right to respond in writing to anything placed in the employees official file and have such response placed with the material to which the response relates.


The Department may maintain a separate administrative working file and a separate supervisor working file for each employee that is not accessible to the employee. Information contained in the working file concerning performance shall not be used as the sole basis for disciplinary action, unless the employee has been apprised of the information and provided an opportunity to respond and challenge the information.


A person reviewing an official file may be required to sign and date a form maintained in the personnel file.


Information contained in the official file shall not be purged as doing so is considered the destruction of a public record.