Article 13: Job Placement, Vacancies, Promotions, Transfers, and Reassignments

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Security Employees


Vacancies for all positions in the bargaining unit that the College determines need to be filled shall be posted on the College website for a minimum of five (5) working days.


Employees who wish to be considered for vacancies may apply by following the directions provided on the vacancy posting or by contacting the Human Resources Department for specific instructions.


Vacancy postings will contain specific identification of the vacant position, the positions major duties and a deadline for submission of applications.


Selection will be based upon whomever CNM determines to best meet the needs of the College subject, but not limited to, such criteria as: education, experience, demonstrated ability, attendance and operational needs. When two or more internal full time applicants are determined by CNM to be equally qualified, seniority shall be considered. Management retains the right to reassign all positions and assignments to meet the needs of the College.


Qualified part-time employees shall be granted first consideration for any full-time bargaining unit position vacancy over outside applicants.

13.6 Promotion


A promotion occurs when a Security Officer I (SO1) moves to a supervisor position (Security Supervisor or Lieutenant SO3) through the application process.


The procedures for the promotional process will be developed by the College and applied to all eligible applicants. A representative of the Coalition may be present during the promotion process.


The College will determine all available vacancies and once validated, post all positions available for promotion. The posting will include the criteria required for promotion.


All promotions will be awarded to the most qualified applicant. Qualified bargaining unit members will be given first consideration for promotion. If no suitable candidates are found internally, the supervisor positions(s) will be made available to external applicants.


All scores from the various assessments of the promotion process will be ranked; the candidate with the highest score will be placed first on the list. The list will be forwarded to the Chief of Security for evaluation. Selection into a supervisor position is the exclusive determination of the Chief of Security and shall not be subject to the grievance process or review.

13.7 Shift Bid

All work assignments, shift and days off assignments and location assignments are subject to change to meet the verifiable operational needs of the College. A bidding process shall be established by the Director, that allows employees to bid based upon their seniority for available campuses, shifts, workdays and days off. The physical bidding process will take place over the telephone or in person. If the officer chooses to bid over the telephone it is the responsibility of the officer to call in his/her bid at their scheduled time. The Chief of Security or his designee must both be satisfied that the person on the phone is the officer in question. Officers are required to have a valid phone number on file. Each officer will be allotted 10 minutes to conduct his/her bid. If the officer has not submitted their bid in his/her time window, that officer will be moved to the bottom of the seniority list. If the bid is ahead of schedule, management will call the next officer on the list to determine if that officer is able to bid early, or elects to wait until their assigned time. A proxy bid will be provided to officers if the officer is sick or on approved leave. The Coalition executive or appointed representative will be allowed to be present for the physical bidding process. The bid will be implemented every six months in June and December. Vacancies that occur during the bid process shall be filled by the Chief’s assignment. If double shifts or flex shifts are known prior to the bid they shall be made part of the bid. Prior to the implementation of the bid, the Coalition President will be provided a copy of the bid offerings and will be allowed ten (10) workdays to provide input and/or recommendations.


When making reassignments after the bid process management may attempt to meet the needs of the College through the use of volunteers or reverse order of seniority. When such a reassignment involves a change of work hours or location (campus), the employee will be provided with reasonable notice.


An employee who has already completed a trial period shall not be required to complete another trial period after being accepted for another bargaining unit position.