Article 11: Seniority

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Security Employees


Full time and part time employees shall have seniority within their job classification. Seniority, in regard to Reduction In Force only, shall be defined as the total length of continuous service with the College. Seniority in all other cases, shall include all continuous service with the department and shall apply from the employees date of hire with the department. Seniority rights shall be applied separately to employees classified as regular full time and regular part time employees. When an employee moves from a full time position to a part time position or from a part time position to a full time position within the department, the employees seniority date shall be the original date of hire regardless of whether the employee is in a full time or part time capacity. Ties are broken by a flip of a coin.


Time spent on an unpaid leave of absence shall not be counted toward seniority credit. However, the time spent on an unpaid leave of absence shall not represent a break of service. Otherwise, seniority shall only be broken upon separation from the College.


The College shall continue to maintain a seniority list of all employees. The list shall include the employees ranked in order of seniority and the date of hire of each employee. The Coalition will be provided a seniority list upon written request. However, the College shall not be required to provide this list of bargaining unit employees more than three times a year.