Article 38: Insurances

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Instructional Support


The College shall continue to offer group health, disability, dental, vision and life insurance options to eligible employees.


The College's premium contribution for the group health, disability, dental and vision plans shall be governed in accordance with applicable law. The College shall continue to pay 100% of the basic life insurance premium and long term disability premium for eligible employees.


Employees shall continue to be permitted to participate in tax-deferred annuity and cafeteria plans on a voluntary basis in accordance with College procedure.


Employees who participate in voluntary life insurance shall pay 100% of the premium.


Employees who choose to participate in these insurance programs will have their premium payments deducted through payroll deductions for all coverage. Employees who do not receive a paycheck for any reason, will be responsible for making the required premium payments in order to retain insurance coverage. Employees will be given the opportunity to pay the missed premium before coverage is cancelled. At a minimum, notice of the requirement to pay missed premiums will be sent via CNM email.