Article 35: Evaluations

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Instructional Support


The general purpose of evaluations is to improve employee performance and behavior by providing feedback in order to enhance the quality of instructional support. However, it is recognized that the evaluation may be relied upon by the College to support disciplinary action against an employee should such action become necessary.


Employees will be evaluated at least once a year. The evaluation will be in writing and shall be presented and discussed at a conference with the employees evaluator.


In the event an employee disagrees with the contents of his/her evaluation he/she may respond to the evaluation and have said response attached to the evaluation.


The existence of an evaluation system shall in no way be construed in such a manner as to prohibit the discipline of any employee. The parties further agree that the lack of technical compliance by the College with any of the provisions of the evaluation system shall not preclude the discipline of an employee.