Article 33: Work As Substitutes or Part Time Faculty

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Instructional Support

Instructional Support CBA

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Bargaining unit employees who are eligible may be required to work as substitutes for faculty with the prior authorization of the Dean or designee or if assigned by the Dean or designee. In the event such authorization is obtained the following provisions shall apply:


Normally, the employees normal work schedule shall be adjusted so that working as a substitute does not result in the employee working more than forty (40) hours calculated over their designated 7 day work period. The time spent in a properly authorized substitute assignment shall be paid at the rate contained in CNM’s Employee Compensation Plan, regardless of degree status. This amount shall be the total compensation for such time and shall not be in addition to the employees regular pay for such time period.


The adjustment of the normal work schedule must be approved by the Dean or designee.


Pay shall be calculated to the nearest quarter hour.


Upon conclusion of the substitute assignment the employee shall continue his/her regular duties and shall be paid his/her regular hourly rate of pay.


Bargaining unit members who are eligible to apply may be selected to work as part time instructors. The provisions of this Agreement do not apply to such part time work. Employees recognize that although it may be accommodated, the College has no obligation to accommodate a part-time teaching schedule or other additional employment that a bargaining unit employee may obtain, by altering the employee’s work schedule.