Article 3: Definitions

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Instructional Support

Unless otherwise specifically defined elsewhere in the Agreement, the following definitions shall be applicable throughout the Agreement:


AGREEMENT - This contract between the Governing Board and the Union.


BARGAINING UNIT - shall mean the group of employees designated by the CNM Labor Relations Board to be represented for the purposes of collective bargaining under this Agreement.


COLLEGE - shall mean the Central New Mexico Community College or CNM.


UNION - shall mean the CNM Employees Union or CNMEU.


EMPLOYEE - shall mean an employee in the bargaining unit for whom the Union has been recognized as exclusive representative.


ISU - Instructional Support Unit


WORKSITE REPRESENTATIVE - an employee who is designated by the Union to represent the Union in dealings with CNM. The Union President shall designate in writing to the Labor Relations Officer those employees considered by the Union to be worksite representatives.