Article 29: Overtime

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Instructional Support


Bargaining unit employees are paid on an hourly basis and shall receive overtime payment at one and one-half (1 1/2) times their regular rate of pay for all hours actually worked over forty (40) in the designated 7-day work period. Employees can work overtime only with the specific prior approval of the Dean, designee, or supervisor. Mandatory overtime may be required by the College in order to meet a verifiable operational need.


Paid leave is not considered time worked for the purpose of computing overtime and/or compensatory time.

29.3 Flex-time

Flex-time is defined as changing the work schedule of employees during the 7 day work period such as lengthening one day and shortening the following day. Such flexing may be done at the discretion of the College in order to avoid an overtime or compensatory time situation. No overtime or compensatory time is due the employee unless the total actual hours worked in the 7-day period exceed forty (40) hours.


If flex-time is being used by the College at such a frequency as to result in an unreasonably disrupted regular weekly work schedule for the employee, the employee may request a meeting with the Union and the College to discuss the matter in order to mutually find a solution to the problem.