Article 28: Health and Safety

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Instructional Support


The College will continue to provide healthful and safe working conditions.


The College will comply with all applicable health and safety laws.


Employees shall observe all health and safety rules. The College may require physical or mental health assessments or certifications in order to verify that the employee is fit for duty.


Bargaining unit employees who are appointed to the Colleges Campus Safety Committee shall be recommended by the Union.


All hazardous or potentially hazardous conditions shall be reported to the employees immediate supervisor. If the condition is not remedied, it may be referred to the Campus Safety Officer, Dean, or the Department Director.


The parties agree that during the term of this Agreement they will utilize the Labor/Management Committee established by this Agreement to address concerns regarding operating procedures for employees involved with potentially hazardous working conditions. Procedure manuals may be reviewed as well as the methods by which this information is disseminated to employees.


If a bargaining unit member is the designated substitute in a class they shall be entitled to temporarily remove a student from the employees class when the employees safety, the safety of the student or the safety of other students is threatened or when the student disrupts a class. The employee shall be consulted in the final disposition of the students continued enrollment in the class. When a bargaining unit employee is not the designated class substitute, safety issues will be raised with the faculty member responsible for the class. Such issues may also be raised with the employees immediate supervisor.


If bargaining unit members are solely responsible for a physical location at which students are present, they are entitled to temporarily remove a disruptive individual. This may include calling the immediate supervisor and, if necessary, campus security.


To the extent required by law, the College will comply with the provisions of the American with Disabilities Act and its applicable regulations.