Article 27: Work Week and Workday

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Instructional Support


Full-time employees shall have a normal workweek consisting of forty (40) hours of actual work spread over the seven-day work period. Normally, employees will receive an unpaid lunch period of either 30 or 60 minutes as determined by the Dean or designee. The lunch period shall be duty free and is subject to scheduling by the College. The lunch period may be interrupted and rescheduled by the Dean or designee to meet the operational needs of the department. The lunch period shall normally be taken near the mid point of the employees workday and cannot be used to shorten the workday.


Part-time employees shall have a workday designated by the Dean, designee, or supervisor. An unpaid duty free lunch period may be provided at the discretion of the Dean, designee, or supervisor. In the event a part-time employees workday exceeds six (6) hours duration on any given day, an unpaid lunch period of not less than thirty (30) minutes shall normally be provided. The lunch period is duty free and is subject to scheduling, interruption and re-scheduling by the College.


During duty time, except for lunch and break periods, employees shall refrain from Union activity or other personal business.


Subject to the completion of work duties, employees are eligible for one fifteen (15) minute break during each four hour work period. Breaks cannot be accumulated, used in conjunction with the lunch period or used to shorten the work day.


Employees will be given reasonable notice of changes in work schedules.


The parties agree issues involving work schedules are appropriate for discussion in the Labor Management Committee.


If a Reader/Writer experiences a schedule change necessitated by student absences or class cancellations for the day or by drops or withdrawals, the administration will make a good faith effort to add another class to the Reader/Writer’s hours so that the Reader/Writer’s total hours will not be impacted. This provision shall not be interpreted as a guarantee.

If additional work is available, the administration will offer the work to interested Reader/Writer’s who experience a loss of hours caused by College closures over recognized holidays.