Article 26: No Strike or Lockout

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Instructional Support


No employee or the Union shall engage in a strike. The Union shall not cause, instigate, or support a strike.


The College shall not engage in a lockout. The College shall not cause, instigate, encourage or support a lockout.


Any labor organization that causes, instigates, encourages, or supports an employee strike, walkout or slowdown may be decertified as the exclusive representative for the appropriate unit by the CNM Labor Board and shall be barred from serving as the exclusive representative of any bargaining unit of employees of the employer in accordance with the provisions of Governing Board policy 1994-57.


If the CNM Labor Board determines that the College caused, instigated, encouraged, or supported a lockout, the employees affected by the lockout may apply for injunctive relief to end the lockout.