Article 25: Work Year

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Instructional Support


Employees, other than Reader Writers, shall have a normal work year designated in writing by the College. When employees are required to work additional days beyond their designated work year, they shall be paid their normal hourly rate of pay for all hours worked. If an employee or the employee’s immediate supervisor identify tasks or a work project that would require work beyond the employee’s regular work hours, the request for additional work may be submitted to the employee’s dean, the dean’s designee, the department director, or the department director’s designee for consideration. The dean, the department director, or their designees, shall have the authority to make the final approval or disapproval decision. If approved, the additional work would be added to the employee’s schedule.


The normal work year for regular full-time employees shall be 1,920 hours, unless the Governing Board approves a change to the Academic Year Calendar, in which case the College may adjust the work year proportionally.