Article 13: Job Placement, Vacancies, Transfers And Reassignments

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Instructional Support


Vacancies for all positions in the bargaining unit that the College determines need to be filled shall be posted on the CNM website for a minimum of five (5) working days.


Employees who wish to be considered for vacancies may apply by following the directions provided on the vacancy posting or by contacting the Human Resources Department for specific instructions.


Vacancy postings will contain specific identification of the vacant position, worksite(s) where the vacancy exists, the positions major duties and a deadline for submission of applications. It is understood that the inclusion of the worksite location on a vacancy posting in no way guarantees an employee will be retained in a specific worksite location.


Selection will be based upon whatever criteria CNM determines to best meet the needs of the College based on such criteria as: education, experience, demonstrated ability, attendance and operational needs, and fit as determined by the supervisor and/or hiring official. When the position is considered a lateral move (same job title and/or pay grade without a break in continuous service) the selected applicant will retain seniority and rate of pay. Management retains the right to reassign all positions and assignments to meet the needs of the College.


Bargaining unit employees may participate on committees to screen applicants and recommend candidates for bargaining unit positions. This provision shall not be interpreted in such a manner as to prohibit bargaining unit members from participation in other committees that CNM determines are in the best interests of the College.


Qualified part-time employees shall be granted first consideration for any full-time bargaining unit position vacancy of the same classification title over outside applicants. The College and the Union agree to discuss the parameters of first consideration, including a career ladder, via the Labor Management Committee process.


All work assignments, shift and days off assignments and location assignments are subject to change to meet the operational needs of the College.


When making reassignments management will attempt to meet the needs of the College by requesting employees to volunteer. If there are insufficient volunteers, reassignments will be made using reverse order of seniority. This provision shall not be interpreted to change the meaning of the language contained in sub-article 13.7. When such a reassignment involves a change of work hours or location (campus), the employee will be provided with reasonable notice.


Part-time bargaining unit employees are hired specifically for part-time positions and remain part-time regardless of actual hours worked. A part-time employee may only become a full-time employee if he/she has applied and been selected to fill such a position. In the event the College changes an existing part time position to a full time position, the President may authorize the part time employee to move laterally into the full time position, retaining his/her hourly rate of pay.

A full-time employee who makes a lateral move (as defined in 13.4) into a part-time position will retain his/her hourly rate of pay.