Article 12: Maintaining Minimum Qualifications

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Instructional Support


The parties recognize there are certain licenses and/or certifications required of employees to be qualified to perform the duties of their job description. The employee shall be responsible for the maintenance of these qualifications.


An employee who fails to maintain a required license and/or certification for the employees position may be removed from the employees position and may be terminated. Said removal or termination is only grievable in the event there is a factual dispute as to whether a license/certification was actually maintained.


It is recognized that job requirements and qualifications evolve over time and for the College to maintain efficiency employees must conform to such changes. The College agrees to make reasonable efforts to provide training for such changes and the employees agree to comply with these changes.


The parties acknowledge that proficiency in the delivery of instructional support is essential to student success. Therefore, employees are required to participate in 12 hours of Professional Development Training per year in order to stay current in their field. Employees participating in this training shall be compensated at their regular hourly rates of pay for time spent in the training.


This training will include improving employee proficiency in instructional techniques that are designed to help increase student success.                   


Employees will collaborate with their immediate supervisor, Dean, or designee, to devise a professional development training plan created for the purpose of enhancing employee performance as it pertains to the delivery of instructional support in both traditional face to face environments and in on line environments. All training costs shall be assumed by the College.   


Final approval of the professional development training plan resides with the immediate supervisor, Dean, or designee.