Faculty-led Program Proposal

A study abroad program is most emphatically NOT a vacation. While study abroad trips can be and almost always are an exciting opportunity to bond with students and really engage the culture, be forewarned that you'll be juggling the roles of professor, mentor, administrator, therapist, budget manager, and more. Although such occurrences are exceedingly rare, there's a chance that at least once a year, somewhere, somehow, a student on a study abroad program will either have their wallet and/or passport stolen, will be missing when class begins on Monday morning, will require hospitalization, will announce that they've decided to quit their meds, or you'll need to send a student home for violating CNM’s code of conduct. Rest assured that these will not be daily occurrences -- most trips are trouble free. But, your cell phone will always need to be on because you'll be on call 24/7.

  1. Read How to Design a Faculty-led Study Abroad Program
  2. Sign the Program Leader Condition of Participation form.
  3. Keep the Health and Emergency Plan close at hand.