Strategic Areas

CNM Annual Fund  Area of greatest need

The CNM Annual Fund provides funding where it is most needed. These gifts are unrestricted and allow the College to proactively respond to our students’ educational journey.

Milestone Scholarship Fund – Rewarding academic persistence

Performance-based scholarships are a new and innovative type of financial aid in post-secondary education. The approach is simple – give students a concrete incentive to excel while in school and they will achieve higher educational outcomes. Donations to the fund will support students who make a commitment to their education, utilize the services of Advisement and maintain their GPA level.

Making Money Work – Promoting financial literacy for teens

This online, dual credit financial literacy course is available at high schools in New Mexico. This course teaches life skills that will enable young students to make informed financial decisions as they move onto college.

Rust Opportunity Assistance Fund – Emergency assistance to keep students in school

The Rust Opportunity Assistance Fund provides emergency assistance to CNM students facing an unforeseen financial obstacle which may force them to drop out of school. Although CNM tuition is affordable, a large majority of our students are unable to handle tuition costs when an emergency strikes or cost of living expenses rise. Too often students are compelled to make a choice between staying on track for a life-changing degree or certificate and completely giving up on their education.

Growth of the Endowment – Everlasting support to students

Support an Endowment

Named endowment opportunities are available for donors wishing to create a lasting legacy which will allow them to determine the endowment’s name and criteria. To create an independent endowment, a donor may provide a contribution of $20,000 payable over 5 years. Below are just a few of the established endowments. If you wish to learn more about other existing endowments or you wish to learn more about establishing an endowment, please call (505) 224-4685.

CNM Presidential Scholarship Endowment – provides scholarship support to exceptional Dual Credit students who select CNM as their gateway into higher education.

Faculty Development Scholarship – provides faculty professional development opportunities to maintain a high quality and dedicated faculty base at CNM.

Arts and Sciences Programs Scholarship Endowment – scholarships to students in programs who will transfer onto four year institutions.

Career and Technical Programs Scholarship Endowment – scholarships to students in career and technical programs.

Adult and General Education Programs Scholarship Endowment – scholarships to students at CNM working to take the GED exam or may have recently completed their GED and are beginning their college education.

Success Award Endowment – Help students complete their programs and graduate