Student Loan Information

Find out how to apply for direct loans and access your student loan information.

Students requesting student employment or a loan must be enrolled in a minimum of six financial aid eligible credit hours. You must have a complete financial aid file before you can accept your award. Eligibility is determined by Financial Aid and Scholarship Services upon completion of the process below. Loan applications will be processed in 7 ‐ 10 business days.

Step 1

Go to the Federal Student Aid website to complete your Loan Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note.

Step 2

Complete the  Entrance Counseling Information Session

Step 3

  • Log-in to myCNM and select Financial Aid on the left bar.
  • Select the Award under My Financial Aid. Select Award for Aid Year.
  • Select the desired Aid Year. Select Accept Award Offer tab.
  • Drop down > Decline or Accept loans under “Select Decision” and submit.
    • You may also enter a lesser amount than what is offered in the "Accept Partial Amount" field. 

If there are no loans on your account, you may request a loan on the CNM site. You may also request student employment.

Request a Student Loan

Request Student Employment