Hepatitis B Vaccine

Occupational exposure

OSHA does not generally consider maintenance personnel and janitorial staff employed in non-health care facilities to have occupational exposure.

CNM is responsible for determining which job classifications or specific tasks and procedures involve occupational exposure. For example, OSHA expects products such as discarded sanitary napkins to be discarded into waste containers that are lined in such a way as to prevent contact with the contents. However, at the same time, CNM must determine if employees can be exposed to blood during the normal handling of such products from initial pick-up through disposal in the outgoing trash.

If OSHA determines, on a case-by-case basis, that sufficient evidence of reasonably anticipated exposure exists, CNM will be held responsible for providing the protections of 29 CFR 1910.1030 ( offering a Hepatitis B vaccine) to the employees with occupational exposure.

Each department will determine compliance requirements for CFR 1910.1030, (those employees who’s job classifications requires CNM to offer a Hepatitis B vaccination). Once a requirement is established an accept or decline form will be completed, the original will be forwarded to the CNM safety office and a copy will be kept in the employees department file. Should compliance questions arise the CNM Safety is available to assist in making a determination. Contact the Safety Office by phone at 224-4633.