Reverse Transfer

The Reverse Transfer program creates a path to an associate degree for former CNM students who have continued their education at UNM.

Request Your Transcripts

If you are interested in Reverse Transfer and have been identified by UNM as eligible to apply, you should order your UNM transcripts to be sent to CNM. 

If you encounter difficulties ordering your UNM transcripts contact UNM.

Contact Information

If you are visiting this site to grant CNM the opportunity to assess your academic credits earned at UNM and CNM, please contact the Graduation & Evaluation office at

If you are enrolled at the University of New Mexico, you can transfer your credits toward an associate degree at CNM.

The Reverse Transfer program allows former students who are now inactive at CNM to be screened for degrees while attending UNM. It waives the requirement that a student attend CNM in the last year to graduate and it does not require students to submit an admissions application.


If you attended both CNM and the University of New Mexico (UNM), you may be eligible to receive an associate degree with the combined credits you have earned from both schools.

You are eligible for reverse transfer if:

  • You earned 26 credits from CNM and at least 60 credits total, including coursework completed at your university.

The University of New Mexico will send an email with information notifying you that you have been identified as a possible Reverse Transfer student to your UNM email.

If you are not eligible for reverse transfer you can still transfer your credits and return as a student to complete your associate degree: Learn more about transfer credit at CNM.

Take Advantage of Reverse Transfer

You can use reverse transfer to receive your associate’s degree while earning your bachelor’s degree. When you apply for jobs and internships, you can show your experience by listing both associate’s and bachelor’s degrees on your resume.

If you need a break from completing your bachelor’s degree, you can still demonstrate to potential employers your academic achievements with an associate’s degree. Having your associate’s degree makes it easier to re-enter and continue college in the future.