Course Dropped Due to Prerequisite Grade

If you were dropped from a course this term because of a grade you got last term, don't give up.

The What and Why about Prerequisites

A prerequisite is a class that prepares you for future, more advanced classes. It covers the basic information that an instructor in a more advanced class will expect you to know on day one. Instructors do not cover the information that should have been learned in a prerequisite course.

You need prerequisites in order to get to new, more in-depth information. Instructors cannot spend time covering the prerequisite information.
If a student doesn’t take a required prerequisite course, they are often not prepared for the advanced courses.  

Contact an Academic Coach

Our Academic coaches are able to chat with you online or in person about which course(s) you need to take to keep moving towards your goal. They also have information on resources to help your succeed on your next try.

A Word about Financial Aid

Financial aid is often able to pay for multiple attempts at passing a class, as long as you are eligible. If your grades from last term cause you to lose eligibility for this term's aid, you still have options.