CNM Underage Admissions

CNM welcomes applicants who are not yet high school age (or are underage high school students that do not qualify for dual-credit admissions).

Now Accepting Underage Admissions Applications

This specialized admissions pathway is designed for younger learners who are at least 13 years of age or are enrolled in at least 8th grade, have the support of their guardian and can demonstrate the ability to succeed in a college-level classroom.

This is an alternative admissions process for students who do not qualify for dual-credit admission. Underage students will not be eligible for tuition waivers or high school credit.

If you are under 18 and attending a participating Dual Credit public, private or home-based high school program within New Mexico, you may apply for Dual Credit admission. 

Younger learners are strongly encouraged to complete all the possible course work within your school district before pursuing classes at Central New Mexico Community College. Some college level course content may not be appropriate for non-college aged learners.

Application Process

Note: Admission decisions may take up to two (2) weeks. You will be contacted by staff through the process.

Applicants may begin the admission process by completing the underage admissions application.

In addition, underage applicants will provide:

  • Current school transcript or other verification of grade level
  • Letter of intent specifying educational goals/courses
  • Additional documentation such as letters of support from teachers, counselors etc.
  • Placement test scores from Accuplacer or another recognized CNM placement instrument (ACT, SAT) at the college level

The above material should be submitted to CNM Admissions or may be emailed to Admission requests are reviewed in the order received. 


Applicants with completed application packets that meet the minimum requirements will be invited, with their guardian, to attend an interview to discuss student rights and responsibilities.

If the student and family still wish to proceed they will complete the underage admissions agreement form.

Topics to be discussed in the underage admission conference include:

  • FERPA / Authorization to Release Educational Records
  • Academic support at home and at CNM
  • Permanency of grades received and impact on future educational opportunities
  • Codes and Policies:
    • Student Code of Conduct
    • Important Dates and Deadlines
    • Parental (Guardian) Acknowledgement of College Policies
    • Instructional Methods (Online, Traditional, Independent Study, etc.)
    • Expectations for student responsibilities and accountability
    • Course program fees not covered under the General Dual Credit Agreement