Rocket, Inc.

SBDC Success Stories

Rocket, Inc an insulation subcontracting business owned and operated by UNM graduates Lex Dominey and Kari Wyma-Dominey, has grown successfully in both the residential and commercial construction business since its founding in 2001. Rocket, Inc. began with a small market share of the residential construction in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho and quickly expanded to include work in the East Mountain area and Santa Fe. The fast-track growth of this company has created employment for 15 people (12 full-time and 3 part-time).

TVI's Small Business Development Center has been instrumental in Rocket's growth and decision-making processes all along. Dominey explains: "The workshops really helped solidify our understanding of the various financial statements and the relationships between them. In 2002, Claudette Baca began working with us to bring clarity to our financial statements and help glean the information necessary to make solid decisions. Our sales tripled in 2003 and then doubled in 2004. We fully expect them to double again in 2005."

The efforts of all the employees of Rocket, Inc. have contributed to its growth. Employing local, experienced installers has been a great boon, as they have provided the company with the reliability and quality workmanship that Rocket takes pride in. In addition Rocket, Inc. has benefited from the ongoing support of Guardian Fiberglass, a national manufacturer of insulation products, and Chaparral Materials, a local construction products distributor.

Rocket now has contracts with several large builders, and the expected growth in the next year should increase the number of employees to at least 20 people. TVI's SBDC continues to assist the company. "Meetings with Ray Garcia and the staff of the SBDC have been, and continue to be, incredibly supportive and valuable. Their assistance, support and information have enabled Rocket to plan and prepare for growth in a controlled and manageable fashion," said Dominey.

Rocket, Inc.
Lex Dominey, Owner