How to Enroll

You can enroll in Service Learning through a CNM course where an instructor is offering it as an option to a course assignment or as extra credit. Complete the online orientation during the first two weeks of class. You cannot enroll or contact agencies without first completing the online orientation.

If your instructor hasn't previously decided, you can choose which agency site you want to perform service and contact the agency for an interview. If you are accepted at your selected site, arrangements will be made between you and agency supervisor to begin your service learning. You will be required to provide a copy of your course syllabus to the agency representative.

You must complete the Service Learning Student Enrollment Form, obtain agency and instructor signatures, and submit the completed form by the required deadline.

Course Credit

You will not receive credit for the service you provide to the agency. Credit is given for the learning that takes place during the service work that has been provided to the agency. The service learning work must be related to the course content of the class.

When you perform service learning for a course, your instructor may request you to write a paper, make a presentation, or take a test on what was learned through the service learning experience. It is the learning that is graded. The agency site acts as a living classroom for the learning to take place.

The service learning office does not give credit to the students. Your instructor will give you credit once you have completed the course and service learning requirements.

Agency Locations

Service Learning can be performed through CNM-approved agency sites. If you perform service learning at an unapproved site, you will not receive enrollment approval from the Service Learning office and your placement with the agency will be strictly voluntary.