AT Assessment Reports 2017-18

Applied Technology Assessment Reports

Airframe Maintenance Technician Certificate

Architectural/Engineering Drafting Technology Certificate

Architectural/Engineering Drafting Technology Degree

Automotive Service Fundamentals Certificate

Automotive Technology Certificate

Aviation Maintenance Technology Degree

Carpentry Certificate

Carpentry, Architectural Woodworking Certificate

CM Estimating and Scheduling Certificate

Construction for Film Certificate

Construction Management Technology Degree

Construction Technology Architectural Woodworking Concentration

Construction Technology General Construction Concentration

Diesel Equipment Technology Certificate

Diesel Equipment Technology Degree

Electrical Trades General Certificate

Electrical Trades Photovoltaic Certificate

Electrical Trades Photovoltaic Concentration

Electrical Trades Programmable Logic Controls (PLC) Certificate

Electrical Trades Programmable Logic Controls (PLC) Concentration

Electrical Trades, Residential Wiring Certificate

Film Crew Technician Certificate

Film Technology Degree

Geographic Information Technology Degree

Geographic Information Technology, Geographic Information Systems Certificate

HVAC & Building Performance, Commercial, Industrial Certificate

HVAC and Refrigeration Technology Degree

HVAC Residential Certificate

Machine Tool Technology Certificate

Machine Tool Technology Degree

Plumbing and Gas Fitting Certificate

Plumbing and Gas Fitting Degree

Post Production Technician Certificate

Powerplant Maintenance Technician Certificate

Surveying Engineering Degree

Surveying Technology Certificate

Truck Driving Class A Certificate

Truck Driving Class B Certificate

Welding Technology Certificate

Welding Technology Degree