Applied Technologies Assessment Cycle Plans

Applied Technologies Cycle Plans and Assessment Reports

Advanced Systems Technology (MEMS and Laser Optics) -  AAS

Architectural/Engineering Drafting Technology - AAS

Architectural/Engineering Drafting Technology - Certificate

Automotive Service Fundamentals - Certificate

Automotive Technology - Certificate

Aviation Maintenance - AAS 

Airframe Maintenance Technician Certificate

Powerplant Maintenance Technician Certificate

Carpentry - Certificate

Carpentry, Architectural Woodworking - Certificate

Construction Management Technology - AAS

Construction Estimating & Scheduling - Certificate

Construction Technology, Architectural Woodworking Concentration - AAS

Construction Technology, General Construction Concentration - AAS

Diesel Equipment Technology - Certificate

Electrical Trades, Photovoltaic Concentration - AAS

Electrical Trades, General Concentration - Certificate

Electrical Trades: Photovoltaic Installation - Certificate

Electrical/Residential Wiring - Certificate

Electrical Trades, Programmable Logic Controls (PLC) - AAS & Certificate

Film Crew Technician - AAS with Embedded Certificates: Post Production Technician & Construction for Film 

Geographic Information Technology - AAS

Geographic Information Systems, Surveying Concentration - Certificate

Geographic Information Technology, Geographic Information Systems Concentration - Certificate

HVAC and Refrigeration Technology - AAS & Certificates

HVAC and Building Performance, Commercial, Industrial - Certificate

HVAC, Residential - Certificate

Machine Tool Technology - AAS & Certificate

Plumbing & Gas Fitting - AAS

Plumbing & Gas Fitting - Certificate

Surveying Engineering - AS & Certificate

Surveying Technology - Certificate

Truck Driving - Certificate

Welding Technology - AAS & Certificate