CNM/SFCC Team: Report and Query to the Faculty Senate

CNM/SFCC Team: Report and Query to the Faculty Senate

At the last meeting of the statewide committee we agreed to the list of essential skills shown below without subheadings. So far, the committee leader has indicated that each school will have the freedom to determine the subheadings/descriptors for their school. I imagine that as the process continues we will eventually have to agree on subheadings. Please keep this in mind as you discuss the gen ed core with your constituents. I’ll keep you informed of specific feedback that we need from faculty. On that note, there is some feedback that I need from you by the end of the month. Please answer the questions below “What would Gen Ed look like at your institution?” As always, thank you for your time and dedication.

Current List of Essential Skills (Subheadings to be determined)

  1. Communication Skills
  2. Critical Thinking
  3. Personal and Social Responsibility
  4. Quantitative Skills
  5. Information Literacy

What would Gen Ed look like at your institution?

  • How can Gen Ed both introduce and reinforce skills (tiers to gen ed)?
  • Should there be a common experience course?
  • Should there be a capstone course that demonstrates that students have learned the essential skills?
  • How can we generate a framework that ensures that students have to take courses outside their majors?
  • How does this support transferability?

David Valdés
Faculty Senate Chair

Faculty Senate Members