Fast-Track Business Administration Associate Degree FAQs

What does 'Fast Track' mean?

Fast Track is a degree or certificate program using designed pathways and proactive advising mentoring and support enabling students to complete all required coursework and graduate more quickly than in traditional open enrollment programs.

What is a 'cohort'?

A cohort is a group of students that start and complete an entire degree program together. It also serves as an instructional method for student support as a group.

If I fail a class during the program, can I retake it?

Students who fail a class will meet with their mentor team to discuss progress and develop a plan to retake the class on your own time and at your own cost. Please note that if you retake a class during the program, it will not be offered in a fast track format, and if it is a prerequisite for another course, it will have to be completed before you may be enrolled in the next course.

Will I have a faculty mentor?

Yes. Each cohort will have a faculty mentor team throughout the program.

What if I lose or damage my laptop?

Once the laptop has been issued, students will be responsible for their Windows laptop.

If I choose to leave the program before it is complete, can I get a refund?

  • 9 credit hours in Block 1
  • 9 credit hours in Block 2
  • 9 credit hours in Block 3
  • 9 credit hours in Block 4
  • 10 credit hours in Block 5
  • 9 credit hours in Block 6
  • 7 credit hours in Block 7