CTL Leadership

Leadership and administration of faculty support and professional development

Leadership for CNM's Cooperative for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is provided by the CTL Coordinating Committee, a faculty-led team of faculty and instructional administration representing key constituencies across the college.  Coordinating Committee members are elected by their respective groups.

CTL Coordinating Committee

  • AT Faculty Representative: Denise Ojeda
  • BHT Faculty Representative: Jim Batzer
  • LA Faculty Representative: Sarah Morrison 
  • HWPS Faculty Representative: Nicole Arredondo
  • MSE Faculty Representative: Terri Koontz
  • School of Education Faculty Representative: Alice Trabaudo
  • Part-time Faculty Representative CTE: Chuck Bazner
  • Part-time Faculty Representative General Education: Melanie Will-Cole
  • Faculty Senate Representative: Rachel Gift
  • Chair Council Representative: Suzanne Buck
  • Administrative Representative: Phil Carmen
  • CTL Faculty Development Coordinator: Erica Reed

Members of constituent groups are encouraged to contact their representative with questions or suggestions regarding the priorities and current activities of the CTL, but any input can be sent to the CTL Coordinating Committee via ctl@cnm.edu.

All CNM faculty are encouraged to support CTL efforts by contributing to the CTL's key planning and development teams.  Contact your rep if you are interested in serving on any of these sub-teams.

  1. Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning Planning Team 
  2. Faculty Focus Day Planning Team
  3. New Faculty Support Team
  4. Part-time Faculty Support Team
  5. Professional Development Strategies Team
  6. Communication Team

CTL Constitution

The purpose, mission, and organization of the Cooperative for Teaching and Learning, including its responsibilities and leadership, are outlined in the CTL Constitution, an operating agreement between CNM faculty and the CNM Vice President for Academic Affairs. The current CTL Constitution was signed by VPAA Sydney Gunthorpe and the CTL Faculty Development Coordinator on April 11, 2018.