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Professional Development and Learning Opportunities for CNM Faculty.


  1. Log in to myCNM.
  2. Click on the Employee tab in the left-hand menu.
  3. Under the CNM Talent Management section, click Talent Management.
  4. Select Browse for Training.
  5. Locate the Title and session date you wish to attend, and then click on Request.

    This will register you for the session, and you will receive an email notification with a calendar invitation.  You will also receive a reminder two days prior to the event.

Looking for technology or other trainings? See the Technology Service and Training Center page for a list of upcoming instructor-led training sessions.

Find information about additional training through Employee Training and CNM Talent Management at the Employee Training Department page.

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Brightspace Drop-in Q&A Open Zoom Room

Drop-in to this live, open Zoom room, Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday/Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 a.m.  to get your Brightspace questions answered. To access the Zoom link, open this CNM Online Drop-in Zoom Link document in SharePoint (login with your CNM credentials, if prompted).

Utilizing the CNM Self-Review Checklist

Fridays: May 27, June 24, July 22, August 19, September 23, October 28, November 18
11a.m. - noon
Video Conference – Zoom
This one hour live remote session will demonstrate application of the CNM Self-Review checklist used for self-evaluating online, hybrid, or in-person courses.  The session will include the roles and responsibilities of CNM Online staff and integration of QM standards to the checklist. Emphasis will be placed on applying the checklist to your online course design. Q & A will be an important part of the session, so please come ready to ask your questions!

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Presenters: Shawn McGee, Marian Chavez, CNM Online

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Safe Zone Training

Monday, June 13, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Main Campus, MS 405
This CNM Safe Zone training is an opportunity for faculty and staff to learn about (and how to
 support) LGBTQ+ identities, issues, and people both inside and outside the classroom. Session will include a range of activities, small and large group discussion, and individual reflection.
Participants will learn LGBTQ+ vocabulary, increase awareness of gender & sexuality, LGBTQ+ identities and issues, learn best practices for making the campus a safer space, and learn how to
be better allies both inside and outside the classroom. Participants will receive a CNM Safe Zone sticker for office display upon completion of this training.

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Transgender Cultural Fluency

Tuesday, June 21, 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.
Main Campus, MS 315

Did you know that transgender folks are twice as likely to experience homelessness as the general population? They are also twice as likely to experience unemployment and three times as likely for transgender people of color. Transgender people experience discrimination and even physical violence on a consistent basis. Transgender Cultural Fluency will be an introduction to transgender people, our lives and Issues.

Stacy Fatemi, of the Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico, provides this basic training including a chance to engage in dialogue and have your questions answered directly. Our objective is to personalize transgender folks and to increase visibility and awareness while decreasing the discrimination, fear, hostility and violence that is routinely directed toward members of our population.

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Transgender 201

Friday, July 8, 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.
Main Campus, MS 315

Have you attended Transgender Cultural Fluency with TGRCNM and want to learn more?

Come join us for Transgender 201! We will do a very brief review of assigned sex, gender and
sexual orientation. Then we will take a deeper dive into nonbinary people,
intersectionality and how to be a good ally. We will even touch on folks who
detransition, what it means, and why people make that choice.

This training will be conducted by Stacy Fatemi of the Transgender Resource Center.

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Introduction to Excel

Tuesday, June 7, 9 a.m. - 11 a.m.
Thursday, July 7, 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Video Conference

New to Excel? Need a refresher? In this two-hour course, learn the fundamentals of Excel and how to set up basic formulas. This course is hands-on, so be ready to work along with the instructor.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • describe the parts of an Excel window
  • demonstrate how to quickly and easily move around in a worksheet
  • create and edit Excel workbooks and worksheets
  • enter basic formulas
  • describe the Order of Operations and illustrate how to properly compute a formula

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Zoom Hosting Tips and Tricks

Tuesday, June 14, 9 a.m. - 10 a.m.
Video Conference

Be confidently in control of your Zoom meetings and trainings. Learn to use Zoom settings and tools to create a great experience for your participants.

  • Choose the best settings for your Zoom meeting
  • Demonstrate how to use Speaker View, Gallery View, and Spotlight
  • Employ reactions to encourage audience participation
  • Illustrate how to mute a single participant or all participants
  • Describe how to share a screen
  • Recall how to view the chat while sharing a screen

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Quality Matters: INTRO2QM

June 14-27
October 4-17
This facilitated, asynchronous online workshop introduces participants to the QM Quality Assurance System. A brief overview of QM is provided, followed by an exploration into the question, “Why QM?” QM Rubrics and the types of course reviews are introduced. The workshop culminates in the development of a personal plan for continued engagement with Quality Matters. Participants should plan on approximately 6 hours of classwork over the two-week period. 

Pre-register in Talent Management. Once pre-registered, "Launch" the course to access the directions for registering through QM. When you are at the QM site, you will see the dates for the course(s). If you have any questions or trouble registering, please contact dl@cnm.edu.

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Quality Matters: Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR)

July 5-21
November 1-21
In this facilitated, asynchronous workshop, learn the underlying principles behind the QM Rubric and the critical elements of the QM quality assurance process. Learn about drafting helpful recommendations as you apply the Rubric to an actual course. The duration of this course is three-weeks; expect to spend approximately 25 hours over the duration of the 3 weeks to meet the course requirements. 

Pre-register in Talent Management. Once pre-registered, "Launch" the course to access the directions for registering through QM. When you are at the QM site, you will see the dates for the course(s). If you have any questions or trouble registering, please contact dl@cnm.edu.

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CNM Faculty Online Certification I

July 11-31
October 31-November 20
Also known as TLOL 1010, this course introduces online teaching and learning with a focus on the skills and knowledge needed to engage students and present content in an online environment. It is designed to help instructors learn the best practices for effective online instruction. While taking this class, instructors will gain a student’s perspective of what it is like to complete an online course. 

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CNM Faculty Online Certification II

August 1-20
November 28-December 18
Also known as TLOL 1015, this course is designed to guide in the curriculum and instructional design of your online course. The goal is to provide the skills and tools needed in creating a quality online course. In the process of designing a course, you will also be evaluating what you already know about teaching and learning in the classroom and determining how this will transition into a new delivery medium.

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Credit for Prior Learning: Faculty Assessor Certification Workshop

This self-paced workshop will prepare faculty to serve as portfolio assessors for CNM’s Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) Program. Participants will learn how the academic standards guiding best practice in CPL are applied when assessing student portfolios that demonstrate prior learning related to a specific CNM course. Workshop activities include video commentary from previously trained CNM faculty assessors; excerpts from portfolios showing different strengths and weaknesses; and practice in assessing a student portfolio, determining if it warrants academic credit, and providing feedback to students. Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be prepared to serve as portfolio assessors within their academic departments and continue their professional development through practice and collaboration with colleagues.  The workshop takes approximately 12 hours to complete.

Pre-register in Talent Management. Once pre-registered, "Launch" the course to access the directions for accessing the course through Brightspace. 

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