About Distinguished Faculty Award

A part-time and full-time faculty member from each of the six schools will be chosen as a School Distinguished Faculty Award recipient.


Faculty are integral to Central New Mexico Community College’s (CNM) mission to: create educational opportunities and community partnerships while pursuing a level of community college excellence that is worthy of local and national recognition. Recognition of and reward for distinguished faculty service are important facets of the college’s strategy for promoting the mission, values, and goals encompassed in the CNM Strategic Direction. The CNM Distinguished Faculty Award is designed to reflect the critical role of faculty in upholding our mission.


Each instructional school may select two faculty finalists (School Distinguished Faculty): one full-time faculty member and one part-time faculty member. In order to be eligible, a full-time faculty member must have successfully completed CNM’s trial period (7 terms qualified teaching), and a part-time faculty member must have achieved CNM veteran status (6 terms of experience at CNM). Part-time faculty are eligible for nomination during a semester in which they are not teaching. Faculty who have previously received the award are not eligible to apply for a period of five years.

Award Criteria

Three criteria will be used to evaluate and rank the nomination, and subsequent finalist, applications. A point system for evaluating the criteria will be used to assist in ranking the applications.

The criteria are as follows:

  • Excellence in Teaching and Learning—Nominee is recognized by students, colleagues, and supervisor(s) as an excellent instructor of their content through the use of best practices in teaching and learning, as well as ongoing engagement in professional development activities (20 points possible).
  • CNM Strategic Direction—Nominee has demonstrated a significant achievement in one (or more) of the goals put forth in the CNM Strategic Direction (10 points possible).
  • College Service (Required for Full-time faculty)—Nominee has contributed to CNM through their service by engaging in activities in one or more of the following areas (10 points possible):
    • Active participation in school and college activities (such as, but not limited to, developing new curriculum or student recruitment).
    • Collaboration with faculty and staff from other schools/departments to promote communication, coordinate schedules, and support student success.
    • Collaboration with high schools, universities, business and industry or external agencies as appropriate, and assist with program advisory committees as requested.
    • Support collegiality by actively participating in the professional development of new and veteran faculty (for example, mentoring, peer observations).
    • Serving on department, school, and college committees and task teams.
    • Participating in and assisting with student activities and clubs.
  • Contribution to Department/Discipline (Required for Part-time faculty)—Nominee has contributed to the growth/enrichment of their department.


  • Eligible faculty may be nominated by any member of the college. Self-nominations will also be encouraged and accepted. Nomination forms are accepted electronically through the nomination webpage. Faculty will be notified of the nomination and given the opportunity to complete the application.
  • Nominees must submit the application to the Dean (or designee) of their Academic School by the due date.
  • Supervisors will be contacted to provide a reference for nominees.
  • Each of the six schools in Academic Affairs will form a selection team composed of faculty, staff, and administrator(s), and may also include students, to review applications and determine the nominees they will be advancing as finalists for the award. Each school may advance two finalists (School Distinguished Faculty): one full-time faculty and one part-time faculty.
  • Applications of the finalists from each of the schools will be forwarded to the Vice President of Academic Affairs (VPAA), who will convene a selection team composed of the VPAA, representatives from Faculty Senate, Chair Council, previous year’s winner, and Student Government. One full-time faculty and one part-time faculty will be selected among all finalists to receive the CNM Distinguished Faculty Award.
  • All finalists will be invited to and recognized at the CNM Distinguished Faculty Award event. It is at this event that the faculty receiving the CNM Distinguished Faculty award will be announced.
  • Deans Council, Faculty Senate, and Chair Council will evaluate the award process and benefits annually.

Award Benefits

  • Each FT and PT faculty member from each school will receive a $200 award.
  • Each FT and PT faculty member from each school will receive a maximum of $2500 for a professional development activity during the academic year.
  • The two finalist (1 PT and 1 FT) will each receive a $500 award.






Faculty Nominations Accepted

4th week of Spring term: 1/31/2022 6th week of Spring term: 2/18/2022 Online form

Nominated Faculty complete application

7th week of Spring term: 2/21/2022 9th week of Spring term: 3/11/2022 Online form submitted to Dean
Forms Distributed 10th week of Spring term: 3/18/2022 Nomination forms distributed to Schools

School selection committee review process

11th week of Spring term: 3/21/2022 13th week of Spring term: 4/8/2022 Forward selected applications to VPAA

School Distinguished Faculty submitted to VPAA

14th week of Spring term: 4/15/2022 1 FT and 1 PT from each School

VPAA forms CNM Distinguished Faculty selection committee

6th week of Summer term: 5/20/2022 8th week of Summer term: 7/1/2022
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